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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Denise Byford BFA, MCP, RCC, CCC



Learn to notice the signs that lead to angry outbursts.  Develop strategies to manage each moment and learn new reponses.  Changing how you behave can drastically change your relationships.  Learn about anger as a positive emotion and the gifts it brings.


Developing a healthy boundary keeps you protected.  Those who prove not to be trustworthy are kept out.  Learning to develop good skills in boundary setting will help minimize the use for anger or rage.  If clear boundaries are set early on they are easy to recognize.


Often anger comes out of difficulty communicating.  Misunderstandings often lead to hurt feelings that don't get resolved.  Learning communications skills can help to create better understanding and resolve.

Anger is a secondary emotion and underneath is usually fear, hurt, sadness, and a boundary that has been broken.  Unmet needs often pile up until it's difficult to keep all the anger inside.  You don't have to be angry anymore.  Are you ready to feel something other than anger?  Let's talk about it...

Anxiety can get the better of us.  Mindfulness and self regulation techniques can be useful in deflating worry and panic.  Need some new tools...